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As an Investment Advisor Firm, Avenue Retirement Services counsels clients whose securities transactions are made through brokerage accounts. Clients' accounts and their assets (cash, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, etc.) within the account are held at a brokerage, such as SCOTTRADE or TD AMERITRADE, as well as the maintenance of all records of investment activity and tax related documents.

In establishing a current financial standing, investment objective, and long-term goal it will help to determine the appropriate investment account for each client. Choosing the right account will often depend on these basic criteria. Some of the more popular investment accounts include the following:




  • Joint Accounts: JTWROS (Joint Tenants with Rights of Survivorship), JTIC (Joint Tenants In Common), Trust Accounts, and various business accounts for partnerships and corporations.
  • Margin Trading Accounts

Avenue Retirement Services can assist clients in setting up a variety of investment accounts to satisfy investment objectives and money management needs.

We cordially invite YOU to take advantage of our retirement planning and investment account experience. You'll get straightforward answers to difficult questions, and be able to organize your investment assets to maximize your tax savings and retirement benefits. Please don't hesitate to contact Avenue Retirement Services today!

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