Investment Philosophy

Avenue Retirement Services is a unique Investment Advisory Firm geared to help clients execute investment strategies and get the most out of their retirement savings and investing dollars.

At Avenue Retirement Services we know you take your money seriously, and we do too. As your premier investment advisor we provide customized solutions to mitigate Risk & Return-- we don't push loaded investment products, we don't earn commissions, and we don't charge up-front fees. With Avenue Retirement Services on your side you'll have resourceful assistance with your most important assets. There are several levels of Investing Advice and Services we can provide, some of which include:

Active Investing, Passive Investing, Market Timing, Strategic Allocation, Defensive Diversification, Investments to Avoid, Asset Allocation, and many other investing concepts.

Avenue Retirement Services will often ascribe to an Active Investing strategy for its clients; however this is not for everyone. Some investors tend to be more risk averse than others. Many Retirees prefer a Passive Investing strategy with a predetermined Asset Allocation model to follow. A Strategic Allocation strategy can also be applied to Passive Investing by Dollar Cost Averaging and Rebalancing investment portfolios on a quarterly basis; this method of investing helps to curtail risks and achieve greater returns over time.

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It is important to note that all investment concepts and investing strategies carry some degree of risk-- yes, even ultra-conservative Certificates of Deposit (CD's), Low-Yield Savings Accounts, and the infamous "a Safe & a Shotgun" approach to securing assets carry often overlooked Purchasing Power Risk (aka inflation risk).

Commonly, when investors think about 'Risk' they are referring to Market Risk. Nonetheless, there are other types of risks at play to be given consideration-to name a few: Default Risk, Business Risk, Liquidity Risk, Inflation Risk, Regulatory Risk, and Interest Rate Risk, in addition to the more obvious Market Risk.

Avenue Retirement Services can educate Investors on the menu of investing options available, which investments to avoid, and the comprehensive risks they may involve.

With the application of technical, economic, and cyclical indicators we believe some risks may be avoided. Henceforth, we may utilize Market Timing and Defensive Diversification tactics in combination with an Active Investing strategy to protect clients' assets in volatile markets. Of course, each client's aversion towards risk will vary, and Avenue Retirement Services can provide specific investment advice for such a strategy if deemed suitable.

We cordially invite YOU to take advantage of our independent, unbiased knowledge base and investing skills. You'll get straightforward answers to difficult questions, and be able to navigate the markets with confidence. Please don't hesitate to contact Avenue Retirement Services today!

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