Traditional IRA

Traditional IRA Guidelines: All withdrawals/distributions are subject to Federal Income Tax, included in AGI, and a 10% penalty applies for withdrawals before age 591/2.

Contributions are Tax-Deductible each year and lower your AGI (Adjusted Gross Income).

Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs) begin at age 70 1/2.

Okay to withdraw $10,000 penalty-free for the purchase of a first home; unlimited for education expenses, and unreimbursed medical costs.

No annual tax liability for capital gains, dividends, and interest within the account; taxes are paid when withdrawals are made.

A Traditional IRA can be CONVERTED to a Roth IRA; however a Roth IRA cannot convert to a Traditional IRA.

Mutual Funds, Stocks, Bonds, ETF's, and many other securities allowed.

Contribution Limit = $5,500 per year; or $6,500 if age 50 by December-31st. Contributions can be made for the previous year up to the April 15th tax filing deadline.

Max income to participate (single): $127,000 / Max income (married): $188,000.

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