Personal Investment Services

ARS Services

Avenue Retirement Services was established to help individual investors achieve their financial and retirement goals.

It seems as if the 'Wall Street Fat Cats' (institutional investors, hedge funds, and the wealthy elite) have an unfair competitive advantage over smaller retirement savers and the general investing public. While the rich get richer, average folks get left behind. If this is commonplace, where does that leave you standing?

In our view, every hardworking American deserves a fair opportunity to reach a financially comfortable retirement. One of the primary objectives of Avenue Retirement Services is to level the playing field for our clients. We provide specialized knowledge and expertise based on sound, fundamental investing rules and years of research. We apply tools and techniques, which top investors exploit, to help our clients gain an equal advantage.

11 Reasons why YOU should hire Avenue Retirement Services:

  • No gimmicks. 100% Transparency. Everything we do is an open-book.
  • No Up-Front Fees. No Commissions. No out-of-pocket expense to establish an Advisor-Client relationship with Avenue Retirement Services (the annualized 'fee-only' billing arrangement can be aggregated to 1 household account for tax benefits, prorated monthly, and deducted in arrears).
  • Checks and Balances: We never hold your money. We utilize a 3rd-Party Online Brokerage (TD Ameritrade Institutional).
  • Fiduciary Capacity: We adhere to a "Clients-Come-First" policy. We will not trade ahead of you (nor against you).
  • Investment Supervision: Monitoring and Restructuring of Stock Trading Portfolios and IRAs.
  • BlueLeaf Performance Tracking and 24/7 access to your 'Client Vault' digital file cabinet.
  • Investment Strategy: Timely execution of Value Investing and Diversification tactics to mitigate Risk and Return.
  • Periodic Consultation: Retirement Planning, Education Planning, Tax Planning, and Account Review services.
  • Avoiding Conflicts of Interest: We do not push "parent company" structured investment products, insurance, annuities, or commission loaded funds. We seek to avoid and will disclose any potential conflicts whenever possible.
  • Independent and Unbiased: We do our own homework. By doing impartial research on each investment selection, we endeavor to outperform market benchmarks and outclass the competition.
  • Trust and Integrity: We focus on building solid relationships; working with Clients 1-on-1; helping to navigate markets and achieve long-term goals.

If you are considering Investment Advisory Services, or would like additional information, please contact us to explore your options. Let's discuss how we can help guide your path to retirement success!