A Simplified Employee Pension (SEP) Plan; aka: SEP IRA, is the preferred retirement savings account for many Self-Employed business owners, sole proprietors, partnerships, LLP's, and LLC's.

SEP-IRAs provide a flexible and cost-effective way for self-employed professionals to save for retirement.

Based on Traditional IRA rules -- employers can make tax-deductible contributions for employees (which includes owners) -- and yearly contributions are optional (at the owner's discretion), not mandatory.

Withdrawals and Distributions follow Traditional IRA guidelines (see Traditional IRA details).

Contributions up to 25% of eligible income are allowed (and may vary each year); up to a maximum of $51,000 for 2013 -- providing an effective way to significantly reduce taxable income liability.

Contributions can be made up to the tax-extension deadline of October-15th.

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